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Bringing the Dealership Online with Andrew Street from Dealer OMG



Andrew originally started Dealer OMG in 2011 after being inspired by the possibility of digital advertising from his time working at FaceBook. Realizing there was a demand in the Dealership market for digital advertising, Andrew and his team launched Dealer OMG in order to help satisfy this demand. Today they are located in market all throughout the country.

About Dealer OMG:

Dealer OMG is an automotive digital marketing firm focused on helping dealers grow sales and services through Facebook and Instagram. Through dealer-specific creative, customized technology, an experienced in-house team, and integrations with all dealer websites and CRM, Dealer OMG's dealer clients’ are able to consistently sell vehicles for less than $200 in advertising per unit.

For anyone interested in learning more about Andrew or Dealer OMG please kindly see the following:

Andrew Street:
Dealer OMG:

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