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Identifying High Quality Assets with Brian Adams from Excelsior Capital



Brian is the President and founder of Excelsior Capital where he spearheads the investor relations and capital markets arms of the firm. He has 10 years of experience in real estate private equity. Prior to forming Excelsior Capital, Brian co-founded Priam Properties (an institutional real estate private equity sponsor) in 2010 and provided leadership and direction for the firm in connection with capital markets, investment management and investor relations.

About Excelsior Capital:

Excelsior Capital owns and operates high quality, multi-tenant commercial real estate assets in emerging markets. Excelsior’s target markets are carefully selected via extensive research into key indicators such as job, population and economic growth and diversity. Their principal focus is capital preservation and investor yield, and as such they target stable, cash flow producing assets.

Anyone interested in learning more about Brian or Excelsior Capital, please kindly see the following:

Brian Adams:
Excelsior Capital:

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