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The Future of Background Checks with Shlomo Mirvis from Intelligo Group



Shlomo is an experienced business executive with a demonstrated history of achievement in the research and technology industries. He has extensive experience in the intelligence sector from working as a Senior Vice President in KELA Intelligence services. He is a strong entrepreneurship professional with a L.L.B Law focused on Public & International Law.

About Intelligo:

Intelligo is on a mission to democratize trust by giving businesses in the investment space advanced capabilities to run comprehensive background checks. The first of its kind, our automated SaaS platform leverages AI and machine learning to tackle the complexities that otherwise define the industry.

Intelligo Clarity™ provides wide data coverage to improve the accuracy of background checks and offer timely and intelligible results, so investors can make informed decisions exactly when they need to. Our proprietary technology sifts through millions of records, analyzing disparate data points and determining patterns, to produce comprehensive reports that are coupled with the human touch. Intelligo offers Ongoing Monitoring™ to continuously check for red flags after reports are published, ensuring that real-time insights are never overlooked.

For anyone interested in learning more about Shlomo or Intelligo Group please see the following:

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